The Function of the LED Underwater Lights

Your friend asked you to go on a fishing trip and he reminded you to bring along the fishing lights. You didn’t think about asking but now you are left confused trying to figure out what he meant by the fishing lights. What kind of lights should you bring? What is its importance, anyway?

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The Usage of Fishing Lights

You are probably wondering about the function and usage of the fishing lights. Why should you need one? There is the sun and you will be able to see your surrounding clearly with the help of it so why bother with the lights? Well, if you go on a daylight fishing trip, you won’t need any light source but things will be different when you go on a night fishing trip.

As the name suggests, the night fishing trip happens at night where it is mostly dark – not to mention also cold. The fishing lights are important if you don’t want to stumble on the dark boat. You see, the fishing lights are super important for two reasons. First of all, the lights will provide a good light source so you can see better. It also provides a safer environment because you can reduce the possibility of tripping or even falling out of the boat.

The second function of the fishing lights is to attract the fish. Wait, luring the fish? Isn’t fish staying away from the light? Well, not really. You see, the fish is basically attracted to the zooplankton, their food. The zooplankton is attracted to the light. So, the light attracts the zooplankton and the zooplankton attracts the fish. You see the connection, don’t you?

 Types of Lights

You can choose whatever types of lights to suit your needs. You can choose the LED underwater lights or the halogen one. You can choose the lights with white color or the green – or whatever color that you like the most.

The Best and Cheap Transportation Options Which Will Bring You to Ipoh

We know that Ipoh is one of the most exotic places in Malaysia. Both domestic and international tourists love visiting this place as their choice to spend a holiday. In fact, there are many beautiful sceneries and places with friendly weather to enjoy.  This place is recommended for traveling enthusiasts like you. you can enjoy amazing places, do some adventure activity, eat some local foods, and talk with the natives.  before enjoying it and getting what Ipoh has, first, you should think how do you get in? Actually, you can go there by your car, but wisely you can take one of the coziest and safest public transportations.  Easy Book gives a recommendation for your trip to Ipoh. See below!

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  1. Plane

You can go to Ipoh by plane. The most famous airport in Ipoh is the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport. This airport provides flights from and to Terminal 2 of Singapore Changi Airport. If you go from Malaysia, you can fly with Malindo Air and Firefly which operates from and to the Senai International Airport, Malaysia. For tickets, click Easy Book!

  1. Train

The train is one of the best transportation in this era. This transportation is cheap, loads many passengers, and saves your time. Train to Ipoh heads as far south as Singapore via Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur serves many trains every day. You just need to pay about RM 12 to RM 30 for the old diesel trains (3 hours), and RM 25 to RM 35 for the New Electric Trains (2hours) which means faster than the another one.

  1. Bus

As The last transportation options, the bus is the most affordable transportation to get in Ipoh.  All intercity buses are centered at Terminal Amanjaya in Jelapang. The most common intercity routes are from and to Kaula Lumpur, Singapore, Penang. If you are looking for Singapore to Ipoh bus, Easy Book provides you bus Singapore to Ipoh. Check our website now, make your reservation, then travel! Grab your ticket fast!