707 Inc Buses between Singapore and Melaka

Melaka is a nice place and affordable weekend destination with lots of good food and shopping. Singapore going to Melaka should take advantage of low bus fares instead of paying for a full priced flight while visiting Singapore will try to squeeze in a trip to both Kuala Lumpur and Melaka to get a taste of Malaysia.


Taking a bus to Singapore and Melaka:

You can go to golden mile complex on beach road where there are many bus companies running Singapore to Melaka. 707 Inc buses usually leave by the Tuas link that will be less crowded. You can get a ticket that fits your timing. There will be the overnight bus as it saves time.

The bus between Singapore and Melaka:

707 Inc is one of the most popular bus companies that provide express bus service from Singapore to Melaka and then it returns service from Melaka to Singapore. 707 Inc has built up the brand to provide a balance of excellent service and quality for each bus coach service between Singapore and Melaka.

707 Inc bus coaches will have a reputation of leaving and arriving on time as scheduled so that customers will have a peace of mind knowing the bus they will be traveling. Its departure point within Singapore is located at queen street bus terminal that is conveniently located near the Bugis MRT station. For the departure point in Melaka, it is located in Melaka Sentral.

707 Inc can now offer the online booking service for locals and tourists. As for arrival point, the coach will drop some passengers along the journey at places like Juru Toll and Butterworth. With online booking, you can compare bus fares and select timing from a wide selection of bus operators.

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