How Much Does the Bus From Singapore to Penang?

So, have you planned to travel from Singapore to Penang? But, this is the first time for you to make a trip to Penang? So, don’t know how much does the bus from Singapore to Penang? If like so, then at last you reached a right place to get information before starting your trip. There are so many bus companies available to operate buses from Singapore to Penang and those buses are operated in many routes such as Sri Maju group, Qistna express, Konsortium, SuperNice, Billion stars express, Cepat sedia and so on. From these various routes, you can pick anyone that is most comfortable for you.

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However, long distances buses in these routes are more comfortable, because it includes large reclining seats. In addition to that, all buses are fully air-conditioned, so travelers should feel quite comfortable during the long journey.

How much does the bus to travel to Penang?

As it is mentioned above that there are so many buses for traveling to Penang and those are available from low to high expensive rate. If you choose the moderate priced bus, then it can cost as 50RM. However, you need to pay some extra money or have to pay more than 80RM for the luxurious executive buses. This is same for the VIP buses with fully reclining seats. Therefore, based on your budget, you only need to choose the right option.

Thus, prior to book tickets, you should decide your budget level and then move on to the next step to choosing bus and booking tickets. Anyhow, choosing bus is the safest way to reach the destination rather than other available options. Now, you come to the cost of traveling from Singapore to Penang, so book your tickets and enjoy your trip.

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